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Still Counting Wine Bottles By Hand Every Month?
Not When You Use The Latest Barcode-Scanner Technology
Available Only From WineSeller Pro

WineSeller Pro (WSP) is a unique, revolutionary inventory control system. Currently controlling millions of dollars worth of inventory at various restaurants and hotels in the US and Canada, WSP and is consistently saving 70% or more off inventory control costs. Each location utilizing WSP claims that workload has been reduced and profitability has increased due the time saving features employed by this inventory control solution. The-Complete-System-Square_

Perhaps one of the most favored benefits of WSP is the ability to count the physical inventory quickly and accurately using the easy-to-use handheld barcode scanner. That digital data can then be used to instantly process crucial reports. What once took days to calculate (net profit and cost of goods sold), WSP can generate immediately to provide valuable profit and loss information.

WineSeller Pro interfaces with all existing Point-of-Sale systems: MICROS, Squirrel, Aloha, POSitouch, Digital Dining, Flashpoint, TEC, etc. Automated overnight transferring of the POS daily sales directly into WSP keeps data processing simple. Entering information once into WSP guarantees that the POS system stays updated, and also eliminates tedious and continual data entry for wine list editing. Wine lists can be automatically printed from WSP and/or exported directly into an MS Word document for further detailing. Profit levels ultimately rise as a result of lowered inventory control costs when utilizing WSP.

WineSeller Pro supports multi-user access with an unlimited number of computers running WSP simultaneously on a network which gives owners and managers the highly desirable real-time perspective of wine sales activity, allows restaurant managers to obtain greater control of inventory and staff activity, and provides sommeliers the time to do what they do best - Sell Wine!

WineSeller Pro Is A Necessity For Any Restaurant
To Efficiently Manage Its Most Valuable Asset.